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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

London 2012 Artistic Gymnastics Men's Rings

London 2012 Artistic Gymnastics Men's Rings: The latest Google Doodle

Google has come up with yet another Doodle to celebrate this sporting fiesta. Only this time, it doesn't have a female athlete.

Yes, the latest doodle is dedicated to Rings Gymnastics, a discipline only for men as it requires tremendous strength. It is the first doodle of the London 2012 with a man.
The artistic gymnastic medal event was scheduled for Monday and it was defending champions China who won the gold medal. Earlier, Great Britain finished second and took Silver while Ukraine finished with the bronze medal.
However, Japan was later given the silver medal after a judges' inquiry dropped hosts Great Britain from second to third and denied Ukraine a medal.
A fall from superstar Kohei Uchimura on the pommel horse initially saw Japan finish fourth, but they appealed against his score and the judges accepted the appeal, giving Japan silver and leaving Ukraine empty-handed.
The last four Google doodles were on the opening ceremony, archery, diving and fencing.

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