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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Kate Middleton Butt Exposed

Kate Middleton Scandal Explodes Anew as Butt Naked Photos Emerge

Now we get to see Kate Middleton bottomless, too

Kate Middleton, Face, Beautiful, Hot

Kate Middleton, Bottom, Ass, Butt, exposed, nude, naked, paparazzi, hot, sexy

What could be in worse taste than publishing photos of Kate Middleton topless? Hmmm: how about publishing photos of Kate Middleton bottomless? Danish gossip magazine Se og Hor (See and Hear) has come out with more revealing paparazzi-snapped pics of the Duchess of Cambridge in various states of undress as she sunbathed with Prince William on a balcony in Provence. At least some of these photos appear to be from the same set as those published earlier this month — to much palace consternation — in the French magazine Closer. This set, though, includes at least one blurry, decidedly NSFW shot of Middleton either changing into or out of her bikini bottom. Yes, full frontal bottom-half nudity. Someone’s gonna be royally pissed.

Kate Middleton, Face, Beautiful, Hot, Prince William

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