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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Kim Kardashian’s swimsuit picture obsession

Kim Kardashian’s swimsuit picture obsession

Another week, another two new bikini photos of Kim Kardashian! On Thursday, the reality TV star posted a pair of self-portraits to Twitter in which she was wearing a revealing brown string bikini with gold embellishments. She labeled the first photo "pool time." The second, tweeted soon after, was tagged, "#nofilter #nophotoshop."
Is it us or is the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star a bit obsessed with sharing her swimsuit photos with the world?

Kim Kardashian, bikini, hot, sexy, twitter

Skimming her Twitter feed over the last month, she's shared at least six bathing suit pics. Unlike the new ones — snapped in what appears to be a very fancy bathroom — the others were taken in more exotic locations. On July 15, Kanye West's lady love posted a va-va-voom shot of her sporting a one-piece with a plunging neckline and black-and-white stilettos. "Good morning Miami," she wrote alongside the shot, which was taken on a yacht. (Good thing it wasn't snapped on a beach — we don't think she'd get far in those heels!) A few days earlier, she tweeted a vintage photo from a 2009 calendar shoot that took place in Cabo San Lucas. In the pic, Kim strikes a sexy pose in which she's standing on a bed with her arms over her head while the sun comes up in the background. "Sunrise summertime shoot," she wrote, again noting that the image was not photoshopped.

Kim Kardashian, bikini, hot, sexy, twitter, playboy, nude
(This is not related photo. This is photo from Kim's Playboy shoot.)

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  1. She has a great body. Nice butt, but I am a titty man.