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Friday, September 7, 2012

Miley Cyrus new "Hair" story

Miley Cyrus's short blonde hair : ‘The Only Thing People Want to Talk About’ ?!

Miley Cyrus new short blonde hair

Miley Cyrus new short blonde hair

People have mixed opinions about Miley Cyrus‘s new hairstyle, but the starlet herself couldn’t be happier with the edgy look.
No hair regrets for Miley Cyrus – the singer is still loving her cropped platinum ‘do.
“It was the most amazing feeling — just taking the razor and finally doing it, buzzing the side,” Miley told Access Hollywood of styling her shockingly short coif, at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles on Thursday. “It just feels so much more me.”
The edgy style has been accepted by Miley’s close circle, including her longtime love, fiance Liam Hemsworth.
“My fiance loves it. He’s totally for it. He likes just being able to see my face,” Miley said with a smile. “He thinks it suits me so much.”
Her parents were a bit of a different story.
“My dad didn’t mind [my haircut], but my mom is like [a] southern girl that likes big boobs, big hair, big everything,” she said. “She likes it when it’s up like this, [but] I don’t know if she loves it otherwise!”
Miley, 19, said her hair reflects the direction she’s heading with her upcoming music (the former Disney darling will debut a new single later this year).
“I’m really, really excited to put out new music and look different,” she told Access. “Actually, my new website came out today and it looks amazing. [I’m] just kind of showing everyone what direction I’m going into. I’m really happy.”
Adding, “I think I’ve finally found out who I am, and it changes every freaking day, as you can tell. Every time I write a song, I feel like I can finally be me, because I’m not stuck into a label, all of these people telling me who to be. I get to write and work with amazing producers. It’s really fun!”

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